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The Lab

Secrets to Glowing Health

6 min read

Beauty is more than skin-deep. Learn how to look and feel your best with these simple, easy tips.

Is Turmeric the Next Wonder Drug?

4 min read

Studies have shown turmeric can be more effective than NSAIDs at reducing inflammation. Discover how you can put this wonder substance to work.

How to Sleep With Chronic Pain

4 min read

Sleep is often your best medicine. But what if you can't get any because you're in pain? Here's how.

The Bad Stuff You Definitely Will Not Find In Our Products

6 min read

There's a lot of bad stuff out there that you could unknowingly be putting on your skin. Here's what to avoid.

5 Surprising Ways for Women in Their 40s to Reduce Pain

8 min read

With the help of analysts across the world, we uncover 5 things you've probably never tried in order to relieve your pain.

Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Get Started

7 min read

Your definitive guide to starting the Ketogenic Diet to reduce your pain.