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The Lab

The Bad Stuff You Definitely Will Not Find In Our Products

6 min read

There's a lot of bad stuff out there that you could unknowingly be putting on your skin. Here's what to avoid.

5 Surprising Ways for Women in Their 40s to Reduce Pain

8 min read

With the help of analysts across the world, we uncover 5 things you've probably never tried in order to relieve your pain.

Ketogenic Diet: The Ultimate Guide to Get Started

7 min read

Your definitive guide to starting the Ketogenic Diet to reduce your pain.

The Effects of Avocados and Red Wine on Inflammation

4 min read

Does avocado or red wine help inflammation? Learn the truth here.

The Top 6 Causes of Inflammation

4 min read

If you experience swelling, pain and fatigue without an obvious cause read on to discover the 6 of the most common (and perhaps unexpected) causes of inflammation.

The 5 Best Foods for Arthritis

4 min read

The top 5 foods that offer incredibly effective benefits (aside from tasting great).