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Our Story

Giving The OTC Pain Relief Aisle a Much Needed Makeover

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Our Story

Giving The OTC Pain Relief Aisle a Much Needed Makeover

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Relief Without Compromise

We created The Feel Good Lab because there weren’t any over-the-counter pain relievers that we personally wanted to use or would ever recommend. We wanted products that work without all the chemical junk, nasty smells, or intense burning sensations. So that's what we started making.

Meet Gene

Gene Gresh, R.Ph., FIACP, IFMCP is our chief pharmacist and certified functional medicine practitioner. Gene has been practicing for the last 37+ years, specializing in the treatment of pain.

As an expert in pain, people would often ask, “Gene, what over-the-counter products do you recommend?” 
Fed up with answering, “none,” he decided to create some.

The Problem

Most Products Aren't Designed for Chronic Pain

The more you use a product the more of an impact it can have your overall wellness. Unfortunately, when it came to finding effective over-the-counter pain relief products that weren't bad for patients, it was slim pickings. As in, they didn't exist. Spoiler alert: until now.

Our Mission

Make Healthy Pain Relief More Accessible

We believe that whether you need to soothe arthritis pain or you're an athlete recovering from routine soreness, you deserve products that relieve frequent pain without compromising wellness. That's why we're on a mission to change medicine cabinets everywhere. We imagine a world where peoples' first instinct is not to reach for a bottle of ibuprofen to mask localized pain. Instead, they use products that support the body's innate ability to repair, heal, and recover.

Our Products

Everything Wrong with OTC Pain Relief, Fixed

A Functional Medicine Approach

We avoid substances that are harmful and focus on arming the body with what is safe and useful. We design products to target the root causes of pain rather than merely mask it.

No Junk, Just Real(ly) Good Ingredients

No fillers, bulking agents, toxic preservatives, fragrances, or anything we wouldn't want in or on our bodies. We purposefully choose each ingredient to support wellness.

No Compromises in Exchange for Efficacy

Ah, the days of smellin' like a cough drop all day, lathering with greasy concoctions, or wreaking havoc on your gut—we think it's time to change that.

Our Honest Shot Guarantee

If you follow our instructions for application and don't feel a reduction in your pain levels, we'll refund your money. It's that simple.

Our Leadership

A Family Business of Wellness

Driven by a passion for wellness and a heartbreaking demand for healthier pain relief options for chronic pain patients, Gene and his two sons began developing prototypes in their local pharmacy. After countless iterations and hours spent perfecting our formulas The Feel Good Lab was born. Today, we make better-for-you pain relief products that are FDA-registered, contain zero junk, and have helped thousands fight pain with wellness™.

Proud Moments

Going Beyond Pain Relief

We're Plastic Negative

For every product that we sell that uses plastic we remove 2X that amount of ocean-bound plastic waste from the environment through our partnership with rePurpose Global.

We Support Our Heroes

At The Feel Good Lab, we’re proud that our products are made here in the US of A. So, we honor those who work tirelessly to keep us and our great country safe with exclusive discounts.

True Feel Good Apparel

We've got this not-so-secret goal of being the first pain relief brand that you'd want to wear on a t-shirt. Now you can, with the added bonus of 100% of profits going to Kids Get Arthritis Too.

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Start Fighting Pain with Wellness

Because you deserve it.