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Our Plastic Negative Promise

We Remove Twice as Much Plastic Waste from Nature as We Use

The World's Only Certified Plastic Negative Pain Reliever

Our core belief of relief without compromise now extends to our packaging. Today, we support the removal of nature-bound plastic equivalent to two tubes for every one we sell. That means your purchase will always carry a negative plastic footprint.

The Problem

Plastic is Needed, but It's Not Being Managed Well

After thoroughly investigating alternatives to plastic packaging we realized that many options would cause more harm than good since materials like glass, tin or aluminum are far more energy-intensive to produce. Plastic provides a lightweight, economically-shipped, and safe way to store our pain relief products. Plastic itself is not the core of the problem; it's the way it's managed in the world.

Our Partners

It Takes a Team

Through our partnership with rePurpose Global we distribute a percentage of each sale through their global network of vetted recycling projects. This empowers ethically-employed waste workers to collect, sort, and reuse twice as much plastic waste as we use. 

How It Works

Offsetting Our Plastic Footprint

1. Measure

We donate a percentage of every product purchase to fund the collection of low-value plastic from the environment.

2. Offset

2X the amount of plastic used in our products is removed from the environment within Kenya—an area where only 10% of plastic waste currently is being recycled.

3. Improve

We're continuing to determine the best ways to reduce the future use of "virgin plastic" in our products and packaging.

Our Impact

Helping Where It's Needed Most

Africa’s waste management system presents a steep challenge with over 4,000 tons of waste being produced per day. Sadly, less than 10% of it is currently being recycled, leading to a staggering 80 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year. Nairobi, a city that produces over a third of Kenya’s plastic waste, has virtually no formal waste collection infrastructure; semi-formal companies collect and dispose unsorted waste into unregulated dumpsites and many types of plastic remain unrecycled due to low and unattractive profits to be made.
Pollution is a global problem that affects all of us. That’s why with the help of rePurpose Global we are supporting an area and a partner where our contributions make a big impact for all of us on team Earth.
Our impact partner, TakaTaka Solutions, manages over 80 tons of waste per day with a rate of 95% of collected material being recycled—an incredible accomplishment. They are the only waste collectors in Nairobi able to recycle the material collected from households, businesses and factories all in their own facilities.

Who We Support

Donations help to ethically employ over 320 people (60% women), each of whom receives health insurance and other benefits of formalization

Going Beyond Plastic

In addition to plastic recycling, our support helps enable organic waste to be separated and used as fertilizer for local crops and plants.

The Impact We Make

Each of our product sales helps increase the collection and processing of single-use plastic that otherwise would not be recycled.

Start Fighting Pain with Wellness

And make the earth a better place.