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The Lab

Will Arthritis Get Worse?

4 min read

Short answer? Yes. But there's a lot you can do. Read on to learn how to prevent the worsening of the desease.

Infographic: Chronic Pain and OTC Pills

1 min read

Over half of chronic pain sufferers take an OTC pill like ibuprofen nearly every day. We surveyed 1,089 people with chronic pain, here's what else they said.

We Remove Twice as Much Plastic from Nature as We Use

1 min read

Now, The Feel Good Lab products are certified plastic negative. That means that for each tube we sell, the plastic equivalent of two is removed from nature.

How Arthritis Affects Your Life

2 min read

Arthritis can damper an ordinary life and strike when you least expect it. Learn how others are dealing with it.

When Arthritis Starts Here's What to Do

2 min read

So, you've found out that you have arthritis. We've got a guide for that.

The Feel Good Lab Arrives to CVS

1 min read

CVS and The Feel Good Lab partner to bring healthy options to the pain relief aisle.

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