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The Lab

Athletic Recovery 101

4 min read

The underemphasis of recovery after activity is becoming increasingly clear through research.  Overtraining leads to tissue breakdown, overstressed body systems, and burnout.

"Healthy" Is Not Always Healthy

5 min read

"Healthy" foods are not necessarily healthy for you. In this article we explore the Food Inflammation Test and how it can provide personalized nutritional insights.

Ultimate Guide to Vitamin D

5 min read

Vitamin D has been a popular topic of discussion as of late, especially throughout the pandemic given its numerous effects on cells within the immune system. There are many interesting factors to consider when discussing the powers of Vitamin D. The goal of this article is to share a consumer friendly guide and overview on Vitamin D and why it is such a crucial nutrient for good health. 

Are You Staying Hydrated?

5 min read

Whether you’re a competitive athlete, a casual exerciser, or mostly sedentary, hydration is vital for your health.

Dietary Supplement Guide

4 min read

We have created this guide in order to provide some tips and tricks for taking supplements in a safe and effective manner. 

Fish Oil Omega 3 Benefits

4 min read

Fish oil can provide a wide array of health benefits. Omega-3s fight inflammation and may help prevent heart disease and a decline in brain function. 

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