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Our Natural Pain Cream and Sport Recovery Lotion are both based on our same powerful core formula. We didn’t want to mess with what works.

But there are significant differences.

Natural Pain Cream is essentially a slightly more concentrated version of Sport Recovery Lotion and is 25% more viscous; hence it’s a cream not a lotion.

We created Sport Recovery Lotion by working with top-performing athletes who really liked our Natural Pain Cream, but needed something that could spread more easily over larger body parts and muscle groups.

So first, we removed thickening agents like beeswax. Then, we kept the formula nearly the same and added hyaluronic acid, an incredible and safe ingredient from the premium lotion world. This increases the spreadability and enhances the moisturizing benefits to help repair skin from all the wear, sweat, and frequent showering. Lastly, we removed the remaining non-vegan ingredients to give folks a vegan option.

If you’re regularly training and don’t have any particular chronic injuries, then go with the Sport Recovery Lotion. It’s a bit more versatile and good for large areas like quads after a day of squats. We personally use this formula every day in the locker room after post-workout showers. If you tweak something, you can simply increase the frequency of application and Sport Recovery Lotion will work great.

If you have a specific injury, like you’ve had knee surgery and you’re seeking relief from pain that just won’t quit, go with Natural Pain Cream for more targeted relief.

Both formulas are powerful. It’s more about how you’re going to use them.

Unfortunately, it's one of those questions where the answer is, "it depends." But here's the deal. If you follow our instructions and don't feel a reduction in your pain levels, we'll refund your money. It's that simple. 

Always consult with your doctor. In general our formula is safe to use while nursing with the precaution of not applying near or around the breast and nipple areas.

Nope. Never have. Never will. But we do have some funny stories about testing different substances on ourselves while experimenting.


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If you gave our product an honest shot by following our instructions and didn't experience a reduction in your pain levels, you can process your return here.


Not yet, sorry. We're working hard to expand to other countries.

We rarely, if ever, do straight sponsorship deals. But we do partner with many athletes who love our products to support their pursuit of training clean. Long story short, we're open-minded. For more information, you can contact us.

You betcha. All our products are proudly made in the USA in FDA-registered facilities. 

It means that we support the removal of nature-bound plastic equivalent to two tubes for every one we sell. And that means your purchase will always carry a negative plastic footprint. Learn all about it here.