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Podcast // Season 2

We interview experts and leaders in health, wellness and sports in order to gain actionalbe insights that can help the average person live a better life, and ultimately, feel good.


Stefanie Bishop is an ultra endurance athlete based in New York, inspiring people globally through her adventures, races, and motivational speaking to push their boundaries, leap out of their comfort zones, and achieve greatness.

Tune in to learn what fuels Stef, including her unique vegan diet, and watch her and Ryan go through her Food Inflammation Test results live on the podcast.


Dr. Pete Inserillo is a physical therapist who combines his competitiveness as an ex college athlete, with a passion for helping his patients not just recover from injuries, but optimize their performance.


Cam discusses how his family and childhood made him the fiery athlete he is today. We also discuss his preparation and aspects of his lifestyle that help fuel him as one of the best college basketball players in the country.


Julie discusses her journey from figuring out her own wellness to turning it helping millions of people just like her. In this episode we discuss how diet and nutrition play a huge role in fitness and how every person is unique in figuring out what works best for them.


Coach Lemanczyk covers topics from athletic performance and professional basketball to recovering from opioid addiction and mindfulness. His story is motivation for people from all walks of life.


Podcast // Season 1


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Episode 8 - Kahseim Outlaw Part 2

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