Pain sucks. We help fix it.

Pain sucks. We help fix it.

100% natural pain relief cream that's guaranteed to work

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Beyond Masking Pain

It's time to stop merely covering up pain. That’s why our natural pain cream works differently. Its patented blend contains only 30 real(ly) good ingredients and is designed to support your body's natural processes for recovery.
Beyond Masking Pain

Amazon's Choice

When it comes to natural pain relief, hundreds of Amazon shoppers agree. Our natural pain cream is one of the best on the market. What do they like most? That it works for them.
Amazon's Choice

Our #1 FAQ, Answered

You're probably thinking, "will it work for my pain?" Watch the video and find out. Spoiler alert: we think our natural pain cream has the best chance of any cream out there. That's why we guarantee it or your money back.

Why Did the World Need a Better Pain Relief Cream?

Turn up that volume and watch our story.

Everything wrong with pain relief creams, fixed.

A few things that make our natural pain cream so special.

All Natural Pain Relief Cream
  • 100% Natural

    No silicones, parabens, dyes, phthalates, formaldehyde, PEG, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, or GMOs. Ever.
  • Recovery Support

    Designed to support the body's natural processes for healing and recovery versus merely masking pain.
  • FDA-Registered

    Formulated by an expert pharmacist to safely support your recovery.
  • Money-Back Guarantee

    Feel a difference in your level of pain or your money back. It's that simple.
  • 30 Natural Ingredients

    30 Natural Ingredients

    Ounce for ounce, our natural pain cream contains more nutrients than any other cream. In fact, it's packed with 30 natural ingredients. And it's all stuff with a purpose, never fillers. Each ingredient works in its own way to help you feel good. And together, the blend is even more powerful. See them all on our ingredient page.

    30 Natural Ingredients
  • Low Menthol, Low Smell

    Low Menthol, Low Smell

    Any company can jam a cream with a bunch of menthol and call it a day. But that's not the best way to relieve pain. And who wants to smell like a cough drop all day? That’s why we only include a minimum effective dose of menthol. It's effective for fast pain relief with only a slight scent that vanishes in one minute.

    Low Menthol, Low Smell
  • Use It Every Day, Safely

    Use It Every Day, Safely

    Our natural pain cream is powerful at relieving pain and supporting recovery, but gentle on your body. That's because it was specifically designed with frequent use in mind. So, go ahead. Put it on after every morning shower to jumpstart your day or after every workout. That's the beauty all natural relief.

    Use It Every Day, Safely

Don't take our word for it...

"I was injured in an accident in my teens and since then I have suffered from all sorts of aches and pains in my knees and back, this cream has helped to ease those drastically."
"I like the fact that it doesn't have that strong odor signaling to everyone within six blocks that you're wearing pain relief cream!"
"By morning, I was quite surprised that there was literally no pain at all. Very impressive for one day of use."
"I am a holistic health practitioner and have started recommending this product to all of my clients with muscular or joint pain."

Look good. Feel good.

You get premium apparel, we donate 100% of the profit. Yep, all of it.