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Built For The Toughest Athletes On Earth

"As a vegan ultra endurance athlete, I love that The Feel Good Lab products are plant-based and still fuel my recovery"

- Stefanie Bishop

After a long training session

Recovering with nature

While enjoying the views  

Performance from top to bottom

Start Fighting Pain with Wellness

Because you deserve it.

Our Mission

Plant-based pain relief that actually works

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Our Mission

Plant-based pain relief that actually works

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Relief Without Compromise

We created The Feel Good Lab because there weren’t any over-the-counter pain relievers that we personally wanted to use or would ever recommend. We wanted products that work without all the chemical junk, nasty smells, or intense burning sensations. So that's what we started making.

Fight Pain With Wellness™

Our Products

Everything Wrong with OTC Pain Relief, Fixed

A Functional Medicine Approach

We avoid substances that are harmful and focus on arming the body with what is safe and useful. We design products to target the root causes of pain rather than merely mask it.

No Junk, Just Real(ly) Good Ingredients

No fillers, bulking agents, toxic preservatives, fragrances, or anything we wouldn't want in or on our bodies. We purposefully choose each ingredient to support wellness.

No Compromises in Exchange for Efficacy

Ah, the days of smellin' like a cough drop all day, lathering with greasy concoctions, or wreaking havoc on your gut—we think it's time to change that.