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The Lab

The Feel Good Lab is new at Target

1 min read

Learn what makes this new partnership with Target so exciting.

Side Effects of Painkillers: Are Conventional Meds Safe for Athletes?

4 min read

Athletes regularly endure all kinds of injuries, but is OTC medication really the answer?

Muscles Aching After Working Out? Here are 5 Remedies for Sore Muscles

4 min read

Tired of your muscles aching after working out? We put together a list of ten proven remedies for sore muscles you need to try.

6 Reasons You Should Only Be Using Paraben-Free Products on Your Skin

4 min read

Have you been hearing a lot about the dangers of parabens? Us, too. That's why we don't use them! Find why you should only use paraben-free products.

Making Bad Knees Better: How to Treat Chronic Knee Pain

4 min read

5 things to consider if you have chronic knee pain.

Healthier Pain Relievers: 7 Natural Alternatives to Ibuprofen

4 min read

Looking for healthier methods of relieving pain? Try these awesome natural alternatives to Ibuprofen and similar over-the-counter medicines.