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The Lab

The Effects of Avocados and Red Wine on Inflammation

4 min read

Does avocado or red wine help inflammation? Learn the truth here.

The Top 6 Causes of Inflammation

4 min read

If you experience swelling, pain and fatigue without an obvious cause read on to discover the 6 of the most common (and perhaps unexpected) causes of inflammation.

The 5 Best Foods for Arthritis

4 min read

The top 5 foods that offer incredibly effective benefits (aside from tasting great).

21 Mind-Blowing Facts About Pain

4 min read

Discover 21 fascinating facts that help shed some light on the complicated topic of pain.

The 5 Worst Foods for Arthritis

5 min read

Foods you eat on a daily basis might actually be contributing to your arthritis pain. Here are 5 to avoid.

Do Inactive Ingredients Matter?

5 min read

Ever read an FDA drug facts label?  Like, really read it? There’s a lot more to these ingredients than meets the eye.