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Wellness Bundle

A trio of products designed to support proper hydration, improve immunity and promote whole body health.*

Electrolyte Hydration - 40 servings

Omega-3 Fish Oil - 60 softgels

Vitamin D + K1 & K2 - 60 capsules

Wellness Bundle Details
As an athlete, your work isn't complete just because you've finished training. Repairing damaged muscles, replenishing lost nutrients and jumpstarting your bodies recovery process are all critical to performing your best. That's why we created this Sports Performance Bundle - our three best products to reduce muscle soreness, maximize recovery and provide proper hydration. All with clean, natural ingredients that are safe and effective.

Each Purposeful.
Together Powerful.

Electrolyte Hydration

Mix 3ml in water 1-2x per day

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Take 1 sofgel, 1x per day

Vitamin D + K1 & K2

Take 1 capsule, 1x per day

What To Expect - Use each product 1-2x per day or as recomended by your healthcare professional. Omega-3 and Vitamin D should be taken with a meal and Electrolyte Hydration can be taken at any time, but can be especially helpful early in the morning or after exercise.

Electrolyte Hydration is a convenient water additive that contains more than double the electrolytes of the leading sports drink with zero sugar. It contains a blend of magnesium, potassium, zinc and ionic trace minerals that are the primary electrolytes lost in sweat. Hydration Electrolytes also supports the body's process of repairing and rebuilding muscle along with replenishing nutrients and hydration of cells.

Omega-3 Fish Oil helps maintain the body's natural inflammatory response in the muscles and joints and helps to support bone formation.* Our clinical grade fish oil is 100% US-Caught Alaskan pollock, molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity. Each softgel contains 662mg EPA and 250mg DHA, along with other omega-3 fatty acids.

Vitamin D + K1 & K2 plays a key role in over 300 processes in the body including supporting a healthy iummne system with 5,000 IUD of Vit D3 and 550 mcg of Vit K. This combination enhances absorption and helps deliver the Vitamin D where it is needed, and not where it's not.

Learn Why Our Pharmacists Created This Bundle

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I was using other Fish Oil products and they didn't work, used these and took two a day and it lowered my triglycerides from 204 to 154 in 4 months. I then switch products to save some money and used another product, same EPA/DHA content but my next visit to the doctor showed my triglycerides went up to 194. It seems to me this product source for fish they use and how they process it is much better."

Drew G.

May 19, 2020

"I don't use sports drinks or things with flavor or color, and this is a great product for people like me who are taking care of their health and want to feel fresh, energized and hydrated. So far so good!"

Sandra G.

Jan 19, 2021

"Worked great to raise my low Vitamin D leveles. When I had my D tested after 3 months of supplementation with these, my levels had almost tripled and were in the high end of the normal range. I have noticed pretty dramatic improvements in my skin, and my mood among other things. I am now taking every other day to maintain D levels."

Chase J.

May 30 2021

All Combined To

Fight Pain With Wellness™