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Arthritis Bundle

A trio of products designed to relieve arthritis pain, support joint health and maintain a healthy inflammatory response.

Natural Pain Cream - 3.4oz

Inflammation Support - 60ct

Omega-3 Fish Oil - 60ct

Effective pain relief doesn't have to come with serious side effects. That's why we created this arthritis bundle - our three best products to relieve pain, support a healthy inflammatory response and improve your muscle & joint health. All with clean, natural ingredients that are safe and effective. We call it Fighting Pain With Wellness™.

Each Purposeful.
Together Powerful.

Natural Pain Cream

Apply 2-4x per day

Inflammation Support

Take 1 sofgel, 2x per day

Omega-3 Fish Oil

Take 1 sofgel, 2x per day

What To Expect - Start with 2-4x applications and 2x softgels per day for the first few weeks, reducing to 1x per day as pain moderates. Natural Pain Cream will provide some immediate, soothing pain relief, but best results build with consistent use.

Natural Pain Cream is an FDA registered topical pain cream packed with 30 incredible ingredients; all combined to provide instant relief, target inflammation and increase blood flow. It's like a multivitamin delivered through the skin to relieve arthritis pain, backache, strains, sprains and even bruises.

Omega-3 Fish Oil helps maintain the body's natural inflammatory response in the muscles and joints and helps to support bone formation.* Our clinical grade fish oil is 100% US-Caught Alaskan pollock, molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity. Each softgel contains 662mg EPA and 250mg DHA, along with other omega-3 fatty acids.

Inflammation Support is a curcumin supplement that provides relief from injuries and overuse of muscles and joints by maintaining a healthy inflammation response.* Curcumin is normally poorly absorbed in the bloodstream, but The Feel Good Lab's formula, is a unique curcumin extract that has significantly better absorption than other forms. In fact, a human study demonstrated up to 38-times greater absorption from our formula compared to ordinary curcumin.* Each softgel contains 1,000mg of our curcuminoid blend.

Learn Why Our Pharmacists Created This Bundle

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"My wife has arhritis problems and she has tried this for 4 weeks, after that I had to buy in bulk because it worked! Only issue is that they can't ship to Canada yet"

Nabil R.

Dec 18, 2021

"These are the best supplements I have found for pain relief and lowering inflammation. I have had frozen shoulder for the past year and cannot live without this. When I run out, I can imeediately tell"

Meredith S.

Aug 30, 2021

"Best omega I've ever taken. Noticed a difference right away. Definitely worth the price. I used to have to take several of my other brand. It's very important to take a high quality fish oil - too many pollutants to worry about. Fish oil is supposed to be good for a lot of things but I take for anxiety as well - and it really helps."

Mia V.

Jan 19 2020

Our Three Best Products for Arthritis

All Combined To

Fight Pain With Wellness™

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent a disease.