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The Feel Good Lab is beyond excited to announce that our products are now certified plastic negative. That means that for each tube we sell, the plastic equivalent of two is removed from nature. 

You can learn all about what plastic negative means for our product here.

The Feel Good Lab is now plastic negative


After thoroughly investigating alternatives to plastic packaging it became clear that many options would cause more harm than good since materials like glass, tin or aluminum are far more energy-intensive to produce. Plastic provides a lightweight, economically-shipped, and safe way to store our pain relief products.

Plastic itself is not the core of the problem; it's the way it's managed in the world.

Put other way, plastic is not evil. It's actually a magical material. But the world needs to do a better job of collecting and processing after it's been used. 

We discovered through our partnership with rePurpose Global that part of the problem is that much of the plastic waste out there is low value. That means, there's little financial incentive for people or companies to collect it—therefore it often sits in landfills, or worse, in the environment.

That's why we're excited about this commitment to be plastic negative, because it's one step closer to helping solve the plastic problem. Learn about how it works here.