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Step 1:
Get Ready to Record

Grab your phone, your tube of You Plus Relief, and head to a quiet place. Turn your phone sideways to record in landscape. Leaning it against something heavy works great.

Good lighting will make your video look much better. Sitting next to a window or recording in a bright room works well. And don't forget to smile!

Gene Gresh has been treating chronic pain in his family owned pharmacy and functional medicine practice for more than 35 years and he sits down with us to share his expertise.

How To Improve Sleep With Arthritis

Gene shares 4 tips to improve your nights sleep and help your body get the sleep it needs in order to fight arthritis.

Step 2: Tell Your Story

Step 2:
Tell Your Story

Share your experience with You Plus Relief. How do you use it? What do you love about it? Why would you recommend it to others?

Stumped on what to say? Click below to see the questions we recommend answering to tell a great story.