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Spore Based Probiotic

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Gut Restore is a unique blend of natural ingredients formulated to promote gut health and soothe the digestive tract lining in just 30 days.

  • L-Glutamine (5,000 mg)
  • Galactoarabinan (1,000 mg)
  • DMG HCL (500 mg)
  • Aloe Vera Leaf (250 mg)
  • Slippery Elm Bark (200 mg)
  • Marshmallow Root (100 mg)
  • Zinc Carnosine (75 mg)

Recommended Use:Mix 1 scoop with water or juice daily for 30 days or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Who Is Gut Restore For?

Gut Restore may support gastrointestinal health, promote regularity and improve microbial balance for the following individuals*

  • Individuals with food allergies
  • Athletes who undergo intensive training
  • Anyone seeking support for a healthy GI lining
  • Individuals with Leaky Gut
  • Individuals with IBS
  • Individuals who experience bloating or digestive issues.

How Does Gut Restore Work?

The lining of the GI tract is very thin. In fact it's only one single cell layer thick, which allows the intestinal wall to act as a selective barrier, permitting certain substances to enter the body (e.g. digested food particles) while excluding toxins and harmful bacteria.

When this fragile lining is compromised (often due to modern diets, pesticides and lifestyles), the gut isn't able to function properly. As a result, our bodies expend a tremendous amount of energy replacing and repairing the gut lining and our immune system can trigger the production of excess inflammation.

Gut Restore contains traditional herbs and nutrients that support gut lining health and function with these natural ingredients*

  • L-Glutamine: a vital amino acid used as a building block and energy source by intestinal cells*
  • Slippery Elm: a traditional herb that supports a healthy mucosal lining in the GI tract and enhances beneficial bacteria*
  • DMG HCL: an amino acid that helps modulate the immune response and inflammation in the GI system*
  • Aloe Vera Leaf: a traditional herb that supports the bodies natural ability to heal the lining of the stomach*
  • Zinc L-Carnosine: supports gut lining integrity and stomach comfort by stabilizing small bowel integrity*
  • Marshmallow Root: contains mucilaginous components to help soothe the digestive tract*

What Is Leaky Gut?

When functioning properly, the intestinal wall acts as a selective barrier, permitting certain substances to enter the body (e.g. digested food particles) while excluding toxins and harmful bacteria.

According to the NIH, Leaky Gut allows the entry of harmful microorganisms, toxins or undigested food particles through the junctions of the intestinal wall, reaching the bloodstream and being able to affect the hormonal, immune, nervous, respiratory, or reproductive systems. This can cause tissue damage and chronic inflammation.

Leaky Gut is on the rise in Western countries due to diets high in sucrose, refined carbohydrates, genetically modified gluten, and other food additives and pesticides.  

Common symptoms may include:

  • Digestive issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea, IBS or celiac disease
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Mood imbalances such as depression and anxiety
  • Autimune disease such as arthritis, lupus or fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue, brain fog or ADHD
  • Skin issues such as acne, rosacea, or eczema

Test For Leaky Gut At Home

Our Food Inflammation Test (132 & 176 pannels) includes 8 key markers to determine gut function and permeability


Spore Based Probiotic may support*

GI Tract Repair

Proper Digestion

Gut Wall Lining

Beneficial Bacteria

Immune Function

Not All Probiotics Are Created Equal

Gut Restore is the most advanced formula for optimal gastrointestinal health and has been designed to support gut health, soothe the digestive tract lining, promote regularity, enhance microbial balance and support proper immune function.Plus, it tastes amazing.

Clinical Grade Supplements

All of our products are backed by research, tested for purity and use only the highest quality ingredients. That's why they are trusted by thousands of practitioners.

Say Goodbye to Bloating & Discomfort

L-glutamine is the primary fuel used by cells in your gut lining, which allows it to support the tight junctions and can reduce bloating and other digestive issues.


Promote Regularity

Marshmallow Root, Zinc L-Carnosine and Aloe Vera Leaf help keep you regular by supporting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria and providing a source of fiber and other nutrients that promote digestive health.


Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"I have severe food sensitivities and began taking Gut Restore after being diagnosed with leaky gut by my natropath. It's been a few months now and I can definitely feel a difference! Foods I used to eat that would make me sick no longer have the same effect and my bowel movements have become much more consistent. I plan to keep taking this product daily, especially because I love the taste."

Janice A.

May 19, 2023

"Gut Restore powder is very easy to drink and has a great flavor mixed in water. The results were not imediate, however now that I'm on my second container my stomach feels better than it has in years. I'm excited to go back to my doctor and re-test my gut microbiome to see if there are visible results."

Amanda F.

May 30, 2023

"This product has helped me tremendously with all of my digestive issues. I now have very minor discomfort and rarely experience bloating. The iced tea flavor is perfect for smoothies or mixing by itself and does not make me feel like i'm taking a supplement."

Jason S.

Jun 5 2023

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