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5 Natural Therapies for Arthritis PainIt is estimated that approximately 54 million American adults are diagnosed with arthritis, and approximately 300,000 children have been as well.

By the year 2040, more than 78 million Americans are expected to be diagnosed with arthritis and will suffer the joint pain associated with it.

When it comes to pain relief for joint pain and arthritis, doctors usually begin with anti-inflammatories and progress from there, depending on how well the patient responds.

But joint pain and arthritis pain can be so chronic that those hours in between pain meds can be horribly debilitating.

But they don't have to be, as natural pain relief is possible, with many forms of natural pain relief being available to you without a wait at the doctor's office.

Say goodbye to that pain and begin exploring natural forms of pain relief for arthritis and joint pain right here.

Defining Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is a condition characterized by inflammation of the joints. This inflammation causes stiffness and pain. Many forms of arthritis worsen with time, and so does the pain associated with it.

Not only does the inflammation get worse, but around the joints, wear and tear occur and this will worsen the pain with time. There is no cure for arthritis and only treatment for pain and management of other symptoms.

Most often, arthritis pain relief comes in the form of medication, but not every arthritis patient wants to be taking medication all the time. Plus, many patients have so much pain that they need other forms of pain relief in between medication rounds. Or they simply want more natural methods of pain relief for arthritis and joint pain.

Natural forms of pain relief for arthritis focus on natural healing choices such as massage, essential oil therapy, acupuncture, and even hot and cold therapy. Let's look closer.

Hot and Cold Treatment

One very popular form of natural pain relief for joint pain and inflammation caused by arthritis is hot and cold treatment. It is not unlike the treatment given to athletes when they sprain or strain muscles or ligaments.

Stiffness in the joints or in the affected areas can be treated effectively with heat through a shower or a bath. This is most helpful in the mornings to help you start your day pain-free.

Electric blankets or heating pads in the evenings are also very helpful when it comes to easing stiffness and keeping your joints relaxed.

Cold packs also help when it comes to inflammation and swelling. A gel pack or even a bag of frozen peas or carrots on your joints can be very helpful.

Wrap these in a towel and attach them to your joints, or just rest with cold packs when you need to calm down swelling.


Can Acupuncture Help Relieve Arthritis Pain?

Acupuncture is an old form of pain relief and healing from the Chinese and Eastern medical worlds that is completely natural. It involves the use of needles at various points in your body and taps into energy centers in the body to release endorphins from the brain. Endorphins are the body's natural pain reliever, and their release can trigger pain relief for hours.

The needles are aimed to reroute different energy and pain circuits in the body and bring your body to balance. The World Health Organization recommends acupuncture for pain relief for over 100 different disorders and body problems.

Acupuncture is also often covered by many insurance plans.


How to Meditate for Arthritis?

Meditation is a form of natural healing that you can use to reduce overall stress. In many cases of patients suffering from severe or persistent pain of any kind, the body tenses up and this contributes to overall pain.

Meditation offers you a breathing method that enables your entire body to relax, and this is what makes it such an effective method of pain relief.

It can even help you to sleep, or reduce emotional disturbances like depression when you are suffering from chronic pain.

Massage Therapy

Massage That Ease Arthritis Pain

Massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of pain relief and very effective for joint pain sufferers. The Arthritis Foundation recommends regular massage to help improve the levels of stiffness and pain in the body.

You can attend regular massage sessions as your pain needs permit. Or, you can work with a registered therapist and even learn how to self massage the areas of your body that are in pain.

One study out of Miami found that of 22 adults with arthritis when they received 4 massages at the rate of one per week, they experienced pain relief. They were then taught to give themselves their massages at home, and report back.

For those patients that did even 15 minutes of massage daily, more pain relief was reported. Participants also reported more grip strength and mobility in the affected joints when using massage for pain relief.

Ask around or do some cursory research to find a massage therapist familiar with joint pain and arthritis.

Say Goodbye to Pain

Arthritis and joint pain are debilitating conditions that impact as many as 54 million Americans, with 15 million Americans dealing with severe joint pain every year. And up to half of that 54 million are suffering from persistent pain annually as well.

Natural Remedies for Arthritis Pain Relief

When diagnosed, the first form of pain relief prescribed is often of the anti-inflammatory variety, to try and reduce inflammation at the joints. But for those 27 million or so with persistent pain, natural pain relief helps in those hours in between medication doses.

Taking control of your health through natural pain relief when you suffer from arthritis, or take care of a loved one that does, will help you to say goodbye to your arthritis and joint pain. There are a number of ways to do it, from acupuncture and heat therapy to regular massage that stimulates your endorphins and releases natural brain-producing pain relief.

But natural pain relief does not stop there. Discover these 7 natural alternatives to ibuprofen today, and say goodbye to arthritis pain tomorrow.

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