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Everything That Was Wrong with Pain Relief Creams, Fixed.

Look, we get it. Saying that we fixed everything is a bold statement. But we wouldn't say it unless we meant it.

It took us 2 years to come up with something we believe the world needed.

This is that story, in 90 seconds. 


The Rest of the Story

Renowned pharmacist and transdermal medicine expert Gene Gresh says, “when the appropriate medicines are delivered through the skin in the correct proportions the results can be remarkable.” His new pain relief cream uses a patented blend of 30 natural ingredients.

Is there a person in pain who hasn’t gone on an ibuprofen binge?

“The problem with any oral medication is that it will have a systemic effect. That means that even if your pain is only in your back, medicine will need to be processed by your gut and travel through your body before it arrives at the problem area,” said Gene Gresh, a compounding pharmacist who has dedicated the majority of his 25+ year career to perfecting how to deliver medication through the skin.

 “That’s partly why I’ve been so focused on transdermal therapy. Applying something to the skin near the pain not only helps quickly deliver medicine directly to the source of pain, it also leaves out parts of the body that don’t need to be involved, like the gut,” Gresh added. “When it comes to treating really anything, I’ve always believed in choosing the right tool for the job. That’s why I became a compounding pharmacist in the first place.”

New Pain Relief Cream

Gresh’s new pain relief cream is called You Plus Relief. It’s a 100% natural pain relief cream designed to provide quick relief while helping the body heal from many types of muscle and joint pain.

The product isn’t just for people in severe chronic pain either. “You Plus Relief was originally designed almost as a last resort for several of my chronic pain patients. It incorporates the best thinking from the herbal world and combines it with what’s working in transdermal therapy today. But because it’s completely natural, it’s gentle enough to use for routine bodily maintenance like post workout, massage therapy, or even to soothe your neck after a long flight,” Gresh continues.

“The best doctor gives the least medicine.” 
Benjamin Franklin


The 3.4-ounce product comes beautifully packaged. It would be right at home beside a pile of birthday presents. It’s a nice size—small enough to legally bring with you on a plane in your carry on and large enough to last well over 100 applications. It sells for $29.95 on his company’s website.

Its first listed ingredient, menthol, provides quick relief, but unlike other pain creams, it only contains a small amount. “We saw a lot of brands were simply packing their products with a ton of menthol to temporarily shock peoples’ systems. The problem with that technique is that you’re not really doing much to help that person heal. Plus, lots of menthol has quite the smell and we wanted something that no one around you would ever detect,” says Gresh.

Gresh’s You Plus Relief product contains 30 natural ingredients, each with its own unique contribution to pain relief. “Pain is typically rooted in several different pathways—to treat it, you need to treat those different pathways,” he commented.

Judging by the 200+ positive reviews received on Amazon, the product is working.

 Amazon Reviews of Pain Relief Cream

“I’ve spent so many years creating medication a patient-by-patient basis. So, when bringing a product like this to this many people at once it’s incredibly important and encouraging to see the positive feedback,” commented Gresh. 

“The biggest mistake I see patients make is not sticking to a routine,” he said. “A lot of pills take effect rather quickly. With natural or transdermal treatments you can get some results quickly, but often the real benefits occur after several days of disciplined use. The people that stick with it are the ones that see the best results.”

After seeing the amount of people in pain and not getting better, Gresh changed his specialty from pharmacist to compounding pharmacist, started Connecticut’s first compounding pharmacy.

“I was refilling opioid prescriptions for people every month and they weren’t getting better. In fact, they were getting worse. I knew I needed to do something different. That’s why I got into compounding pharmacy, so I could start creating medications specifically for each patient. Ultimately, I wanted to help people get better rather than refill prescriptions.”

 If you have muscle, joint, or nerve pain, try You Plus Relief.