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Our Research-Backed Vitamin D Supports:

Joints & Mobility

Cardiovascular Health

Healthy Inflammation

Healthy Skin & Hair

Immune Function

Why You Need Vitamin D + K

Increasing your intake of Vitamin D without increasing Vitamin K can lead to several threatening issues such as decreased artery elasticity and excess calcium deposits in other soft tissues in the body.That's why our D+K1+K2 formula is the right combination to deliver Vitamin D where it is needed, and not where it's not.

Learn Why Our Pharmacists Love Vitamin D + K

Clinical Grade Supplements

All of our products are backed by research, tested for purity and use only the highest quality ingredients. That's why they are trusted by thousands of practitioners.

The Sunshine Vitamin

Unfortunately, our body can't make Vitamin D on it’s own. In fact, most people get their vitamin D through a chemical reaction that takes place in the skin during sun exposure. While spending 10-20 minutes in the sun (without sunscreen) is said to be an optimal way to get your daily dose of vitamin D, there are many reasons why this may not be possible. Concerns over the impact of prolonged sun exposure on skin health over time also need to be considered,which is why supplementation is beneficial and needed for overall health.


More Than Just Immune Support

While Vitamin D may be most known for supporting a healthy immune system, it actually contributes to a variety of key bodily functions. Most notably, it can help diffuse muscle pain and reduce muscle weakness, as well as support strong bones and musculoskeletal strength.*

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

"This is my "go-to" Vitamin D supplement. I bought it on the recommendatino of a friend. Turns out she was correct! Outstanding absorption, product quality, and ease of swallowing the narrow pill. It raised my Vitamin D level from low 30's to a respectable 51! Feel the difference!"

David V.

June 10, 2021

"Worked great to raise my low Vitamin D leveles. When I had my D tested after 3 months of supplementation with these, my levels had almost tripled and were in the high end of the normal range. I have noticed pretty dramatic improvements in my skin, and my mood among other things. I am now taking every other day to maintain D levels."

Chase J.

May 30, 2021

"I had 5 lower spine surgeries, 4 failed. For two years I have been holding together. This was recomended to me by my pain management doctor and I really think that the Vitamin K with the D has been beneficial."

Stewart J.

Jan 19 2022

Fight Pain With Wellness™

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