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Question: Given your focus and expertise, if someone is in chronic pain and you could only give him/her one piece of advice to put them on a path to recovery, what would you tell them?

Why ask this question? Well, we feel that it's a good idea to seek information from multiple outlets to gain new perspectives. It's great to learn new things.

We believe that chronic pain should be attacked from multiple angles such as with movement, mindset, and nutrition (find the whole roundup of experts here).

Here is what Dr. Beau Pierce, a chiropractor, had to say about this question:

"First off, I'll tell one structural and then one nutritional point.

I, as a chiropractor, believe that the nervous system controls everything in the body - everything you taste, feel, touch, sound, smell, you name it - everything is interpreted by the nervous system. So, what I would suggest is that every person (and whether that's a person that's in chronic pain or not) should be seeing a chiropractor.

Now, I will say that I have a lot of patients who are dealing with different chronic autoimmune issues, different fibromyalgia symptoms, Guillain-Barre; it's far and wide for people who have chronic pain. Being able to assess the nervous system and adjust misalignments of the spine, in essence, "turns down the noise," so to speak, to the brain. So not only is the body in better alignment, the joints are working appropriately, the muscles are more relaxed and able to respond, but their pain level tends to decrease. So, the first thing I would suggest is that every person is under regular chiropractic care. And regular for a person that's in chronic pain, in my opinion, is about twice per month, sometimes three times per month depending on how bad their flare-up is at any one time.

The second thing that I would suggest, which is a nutritional thing, is to get rid of all the "whites" -- white sugar, white bread, and white dairy. Those things all cause an inflammatory response inside the body once they are consumed and that can also increase the amount of inflammation. Anytime that we have someone that comes in in a chronic pain or chronic syndrome state, I can tell you that 99% of the time that they're definitely inflamed and their diets are usually pretty trashed, to be honest with you. So we have to clean up their gut, give them probiotics, and give them digestive enzymes.

We tend to do a bunch of different types of testing to figure out what type of pain, inflammatory markers are being shown. And then we address them nutritionally, as well as with rehab, with chiropractic, movement, and exercise.

In summary, if a person is in chronic pain, I absolutely think they should under consistent and regular chiropractic care. And the second thing is that you want to start cleaning up their diet and the three things you immediately can eliminate are white sugar, white dairy, and your white bread and flours."

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