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For those who know what chronic pain feels like, the journey to find relief can seem futile. Daily challenges affect both physical and mental health.

During times when it seems the pain is too much to handle, here are some quotes that you might find encouraging.

1. Sometimes it's ok if it's all about you.

Sir William Osler knew many things about pain. He was a physician and co founder of Johns Hopkins Hospital. Often called the Father of Modern Medicine, he performed radical training sessions and was known for teaching his students through bedside clinical training. He knew it was essential that physicians get to the root of a patient's problem. If you are experiencing extreme pain, find a physician who can help you heal by identifying the real cause of your pain. One whom you can confide in.

2. With great power comes great responsibility.

Georg Groddeck

This German doctor was a pioneer in psychosomatic medicine. He gave many speeches and wrote publications on the body and healing. He believed that a patient could, in essence, heal himself through various pain relief therapies. When you are looking for a doctor to work with, choose one who understands all dimensions of the body and the healing process.

3. The ol' no pain, no gain.

Kahlil Gibran Quote on Pain Relief

The Lebanese-American poet wrote to help heal the pain of many souls. He tried to convey that pain did have a use sometimes--in bringing out people's character and giving them a deeper experience of life. Even though you suffer intense pain, it can be a learning experience, and you may also be given the knowledge needed to help others who go through the same.

4. The mind is a powerful thing.

Sarah Anne Shockley Quote on Pani

A multiple award-winning-film producer, Sarah has had debilitating nerve pain since 2007, a result of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS). Her works include the critically acclaimed documentary on disabled dancers, "Dancing From The Inside Out." Touching her readers through her personal experience with pain, she has also written many books, including "The Pain Companion."

What is your relationship with pain? How do you deal with it on a daily basis? It helps to have a physician or psychologist you work through pain that may have deeper causes.

5. Didn't we just say, the mind is a powerful thing?

Atul Gawande Quote on Pain

Guwande continues, "We're inclined to think that people normally perceive things in the world directly. We believe that the hardness of a rock, the coldness of an ice cube, the itchiness of a sweater are picked up by our nerve endings, transmitted through the spinal cord like a message through a wire, and decoded by the brain."

This American surgeon has conducted immense research on public health. Among many of his bestsellers are "Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End." He was winner of the Lewis Thomas Prize for Writing About Science, plus two National Magazine Awards. He leads a department of surgery at Harvard Medical School. Sometimes, the way your brain perceives things and circumstances can directly affect the amount of pain your body feels. Learn to be open to new scientific studies about pain and pain relief; don't just rely on the things you have assumed all your life.

6. When in doubt, laughter is the best medicine. 

Patch Adams Quote on Pain

Hunter Doherty "Patch" Adams is a doctor and founder of the Gesundheit Institute. His work was brought to the big screen by the late comedian Robin Williams, and he is still known for his unconventional means of treating patients. It has been proven that when your soul is happier, your body is able to heal faster. When dealing with a painful illness, surround yourself with those who can uplift and inspire you towards better health and respite from the physical pain.

7. Your body doesn't always know what's best.

Christoper Decharms Quote on Pain

Your physician should be able to look at your physical history and see if there was any incident in your past which may have caused your body to react, even years down the line. Identifying the cause can help in seeking proper pain relief.

8. Surprises are still there if you look for them.

Gene Gresh Quote on Pain

Gresh continues, "This is an astonishing experience, considering it contradicts almost everything I had been taught and believed about addictive and drug-dependent behavior."

Renowned pharmacist and transdermal medicine expert Gene Gresh says, “when the appropriate medicines are delivered through the skin in the correct proportions the results can be remarkable.” His new pain relief cream uses a patented blend of 30 natural ingredients.

Is there a person in pain who hasn’tgone on an ibuprofen binge?

“The problem with any oral medication is that it will have a systemic effect. That means that even if your pain is only in your back, medicine will need to be processed by your gut and travel through your body before it arrives to the problem area,” said Gene Gresh, a compounding pharmacist who has dedicated the majority of his 25+ year career to perfecting how to deliver medication through the skin.

 “That’s partly why I’ve been so focused on transdermal therapy. Applying something to the skin near the pain not only helps quickly deliver medicine directly to the source of pain, it also leaves out parts of the body that don’t need to be involved, like the gut,” Gresh added. “When it comes to treating really anything, I’ve always believed in choosing the right tool for the job. That’s why I became a compounding pharmacist in the first place.”

New Pain Relief Cream

Gresh’s new pain relief cream is called You Plus Relief. It’s a 100% natural pain relief cream designed to provide quick relief while helping the body heal from many types of muscle and joint pain.

The product isn’t just for people in severe chronic pain either. “You Plus Relief was originally designed almost as a last resort for several of my chronic pain patients. It incorporates the best thinking from the herbal world and combines it with what’s working in transdermal therapy today. But because it’s completely natural, it’s gentle enough to use for routine bodily maintenance like post workout, massage therapy, or even to soothe your neck after a long flight,” Gresh continues.


“The best doctor gives the least medicine.”
Benjamin Franklin


The 3.4-ounce product comes beautifully packaged. It would be right at home beside a pile of birthday presents. It’s a nice size—small enough to legally bring with you on a plane in your carry on and large enough to last well over 100 applications. It sells for $29.95 on his company’s website.

Its first listed ingredient, menthol, provides quick relief, but unlike other pain creams, it only contains a small amount. “We saw a lot of brands were simply packing their products with a ton of menthol to temporarily shock peoples’ systems. The problem with that technique is that you’re not really doing much to help that person heal. Plus, lots of menthol has quite the smell and we wanted something that no one around you would ever detect,” says Gresh.

Gresh’s You Plus Relief product contains 30 natural ingredients, each with its own unique contribution to pain relief. “Pain is typically rooted in several different pathways—to treat it, you need to treat those different pathways,” he commented.

Judging by the 200+ positive reviews received on Amazon, the product is working.

 Amazon Reviews of Pain Relief Cream

“I’ve spent so many years creating medication a patient-by-patient basis. So, when bringing a product like this to this many people at once it’s incredibly important and encouraging to see the positive feedback,” commented Gresh. 

“The biggest mistake I see patients make is not sticking to a routine,” he said. “A lot of pills take effect rather quickly. With natural or transdermal treatments you can get some results quickly, but the often the real benefits occur after several days of disciplined use. The people that stick with it are the ones that see the best results.”

After seeing the amount of people in pain and not getting better, Gresh changed his specialty from pharmacist to compounding pharmacist, started Connecticut’s first compounding pharmacy.

“I was refilling opioid prescriptions for people every month and they weren’t getting better. In fact, they were getting worse. I knew I needed to do something different. That’s why I got into compounding pharmacy, so I could start creating medications specifically for each patient. Ultimately, I wanted to help people get better rather than refill prescriptions.”

 If you have muscle, joint, or nerve pain, try You Plus Relief.