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Natural Pain Cream [TEST]

Natural Pain Cream [TEST]

Natural Pain Cream [TEST]


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Our Natural Pain Cream is packed with 30 incredible ingredients, combined to provide instant relief, target inflammation, and increase blood flow. It's vanishing scent and zero toxins make it perfect for frequent use over extended periods of time. And because it comes in 3.4 ounces, you'll enjoy over 100 applications in a size that can still be carried onto an airplane.



Scratching your head? Here are the most common questions we get.

Scratching your head? Here are the most common questions we get.

You Plus Relief contains a minimum effective dose of menthol, which will provide temporary relief the very first time you apply it, especially when you apply after a bath or shower. Beyond that, You Plus Relief is designed to become more effective over time. Most people experience the most significant relief of pain within the first 7 days of following the recommended steps outlined on this webpage.

Everyone is different. So, depending on the severity of your pain and situation, it may require more or less time.

Most people are able to go down to 2 applications per day after the initial 7-day loading phase and then 1 application per day for maintenance a few weeks after that. But let your body guide you. For some people, 7 days isn't enough time. Others can reduce their frequency of use after only a few days.

Don't worry. A shower or bath will get you the best results, but you don't always have to take a shower. You've got options.

Option 1: Use a Warm Washcloth
Quickly clean the area with a little soap and water. Then, use a warm washcloth or compress to gently heat the area for a few minutes before applying You Plus Relief.

Option 2: Wash the Area with Soap & Water
You won't get the extra penetration that comes from heat, but clean, damp skin will be nearly as good. Plus, clean skin will still prevent unwanted contaminants from entering your body.

Option 3: Just Reapply (When It's Safe)
If it's too inconvenient to wash up before reapplying throughout the day, it's safe to simply reapply if the following is true:

  • The area is still relatively clean from the last time you applied You Plus Relief or washed the area
  • You haven't been exposed to any harmful chemicals, like cleaning supplies or pesticides
  • You've washed your hands

First, remember that pain is complex and You Plus Relief often takes time to reach its maximum effectiveness. And when it comes to pain management, sometimes a small reduction in pain can be considered a win. So, make sure be on the lookout for absolutely no difference in pain versus a small difference. Often, even a slight reduction of pain can be the first step towards better results.

If you've followed our instructions for 7 days and don't feel any difference whatsoever in your level of comfort or pain, there are a few things you can and should do.

Talk to a Doctor
There's a chance you're suffering from something that needs additional treatment. You Plus Relief is no magic bullet. Connect with a healthcare professional to upgrade your level of treatment.

Continue Use (When Safe)
If you feel any glimmer of pain reduction, then it may make sense to continue use of You Plus Relief. As long as you're not experiencing any extremely rare side-effects and your doctor agrees, You Plus Relief's natural formula is safe and beneficial to continue using on a regular basis for general body maintenance.

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You Plus Relief isn't perfect for everyone. In fact, we believe no single medicine can be. If You Plus Relief doesn't help reduce your pain after following our instructions for 7 days, simply contact us for a full refund

You betcha. You Plus Relief's natural formula is gentle enough for long-term use. Many people continue to use it even after their pain is gone. It's a great addition to your a morning routine, after the shower to kickstart the day with a refreshing feeling and maintain bodily health.