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When to Apply a Muscle & Joint Rub

When to Apply a Muscle & Joint Rub

Here’s where a lot of people go wrong. Muscle & joint rubs are not just for when you’re in pain. In fact, lots of research and science proves that using topical treatments, like You+Relief, on a regular basis or before and after you’re active can help prevent injury and even in some cases allow your body to perform better.


If you're about to get active or put your body through any kind stress, then apply You+Relief before. Why? Because You+Relief will help your body perform at its best. And by improving things like circulation and the disposal of lactic acid in your muscles, you can increase your stamina while helping to prevent injury.


Whether you’re just getting back from that hike or a long day at work, it’s a great time to apply You+Relief in order to help your body recover and feel great. Using You+Relief after any activity will put you on the path of simply feeling better. So even if you’re not hurt, give it a try and see how you feel


Healing an injury is the most common thought when it comes to any muscle & joint rub, and for good reason. Applying You+Relief to areas that are injured is an excellent way to deliver powerful healing ingredients directly to where it’s needed. Consider it your secret weapon to perfectly target pain.