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How Journaling for Just 5 Minutes Per Day Helps You Feel Good

How Journaling for Just 5 Minutes Per Day Helps You Feel Good

If you could do one simple thing to feel significantly better and it only took 5 minutes a day, would you do it? Because you can.

Did you know that in 2014, Newsweek reported that 44% of doctors are overweight? Yep, 44%. And that’s despite that these physicians are likely spending their days witnessing the overwhelming negative effects of obesity. So what gives? How can the ones responsible for so many people’s health be some of the biggest offenders? Simply put, it’s because common sense does not mean common action.

Think about it. Instructing a person looking to lose 20 pounds with no real exercise plan will always result in nothing happening. But if you coached that person through a program that tracked their progress, held them accountable, and used positive reinforcement, they might just reach their goal. And when it comes to your mind, mood, and feeling good everyday, the same is true.


It’s a beautifully bound notebook that walks you through a simple journaling technique. What better way to reinforce those fleeting happy thoughts than by writing them down? It doesn’t have to be brilliantly versed. It’s your journal, keep it as simple as you want. By jotting down the positives of your day, however short in supply they may seem at first, you’re effectively practicing a scientific technique designed to exercise your mind to make you happier throughout each day.

The pages offer you easy instructions and space to write short anecdotes each day. You’ll be amazed at how recording the things one is grateful for on a daily basis can reveal a happier you. The process of repeatedly expressing gratitude is part of the secret sauce to helping you feel good.

The journal also includes some incredible tips to help you stick with it. And because it works, we give gift a copy to anyone who works with us at The Feel Good Lab.


  1. It’s the simplest thing you can do to help yourself be happier. You don’t need to consider yourself a writer for this. Anyone can express themselves with their own words to achieve the same feel good outcome.
  2. It’s built on proven principles of positive psychology. Combined with using your writing to be put in motion, the benefits are limitless.
  3. It’s a journal for people that don’t like to write journals. Five minutes is not too much to commit to.
  4. It’s fun and nostalgic to go back and see what you wrote in the past and actually read the progress you’ve made on your own. You’ll be surprised at how many seemingly negative days you turned into positives ones.
  5. It includes really cool tricks to help you stick with your commitment.

"Common sense does not mean common action."

Tons of science tells us that simply being happier is a big deal. Positive Psychology has generated a whole slew of research that proves being happier can result in countless positive things in life—improved immune system, success at work, and even looking more attractive.

In fact, in a study that examined hundreds of photos of baseball players, researchers discovered that players with the broadest smiles lived an average of 7 years longer. You see, real results are connected to real smiles, and real smiles are connected to being genuinely happy.