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How to Use Motion to Improve Effectiveness of Creams

How to Use Motion to Improve Effectiveness of Creams

Carefully combining common stretches, and in some cases exercises, with the use of a topical muscle & joint rub has been shown to increase effectiveness. But remember, only push as much as your pain allows. Everyone’s situation is different. So if you have any concerns, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor prior to trying anything. Here are a couple tips.


Use Google to Help with Pain Relief

Rather than trying to teach every person every amazing stretch on earth, let’s teach you how to find the perfect stretch or exercise for you to combine with the use of a topical rub like You+Relief. Don’t worry. This is easy. Simply visit Google and type in the following:

"Stretches or exercises for **area or problem you want to heal** video"

Once you find a video that looks credible with instructions that are easy to follow, try applying a topical rub as described in the previous steps prior to performing the activities shown in the video. Here’s a great example that we found in less than 20 seconds by typing “Stretches or exercises for plantar fasciitis video” into Google.



Here’s a pro tip. Breathe. Sounds simple right? It is. Use slow deep breaths to count the length of time you hold any stretch. In fact, forget about time altogether. Focus on the stretch, the part of your body you’re trying to help, and your breathing. Use 5 deep breaths as a starting point for how long you hold your stretch.

Why is this important? First, this will take your mind off of the discomfort of the stretch. So it will help you work through it. And the second more important reason is because focused breathing like this is proven to increase circulation. And better circulation means a better performing body. Period.