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How to Rub On A Pain Relief Cream

How to Rub On A Pain Relief Cream

Once you’ve warmed up your skin, it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for. It’s time to apply. But don’t just rush through this. With just an extra minute of effort here you can really take the benefits to the next level.


Now is not the time to skimp out. You’ll want to apply enough to not only cover the intended area but the areas around it as well. This is important. Many doctors will even tell you that pain felt in one area of the body is often caused by a problem in another part. That’s because your body likes to be in balance. And if one thing is off it might be putting stress on another area. So don’t be afraid to lather up.


Rubbing something on your skin is one thing. Massaging it in is another. Let’s be real here. You spent your hard-earned money on a muscle & joint rub for a reason. So let’s get the most out of it. Take a minute to really apply it with a self massage. Use your hands to really work it into the fibers of your tissue, then keep going until it’s fully absorbed. Doing this each time you apply any topical product will make an incredible difference.