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Are Natural Remedies the Future of Medicine?

Are Natural Remedies the Future of Medicine?

It's a bold question. But with the rising cost of pharmaceuticals and the growing epidemic of pain med addiction, natural remedies are increasingly presenting a viable option for many people in pain out there.

In fact, according to Think Progress almost 1 out of every 3 people in the United States now seek some form of alternative medicine.

Medical Costs Complexity are Driving Change

If you've ever had to deal with the healthcare system in our county, then you know--it's not perfect.

Premiums, deductibles and co-payments are increasing at astronomical rates.

In fact, Consumer Reports states there is really no such thing as a legitimate price for medical services in the healthcare industry. Medical providers and insurance companies basically bargain over costs, resulting in little rhyme or reason with how expensive medications and treatments can be.

Add in the complexities of regulations, excessive paperwork and confusing networks and medical care becomes just plain daunting for people.

The situation doesn't get better in the world of pain medication. Many physicians are now becoming hesitant to even prescribe pain medication due to increased addiction numbers.

Because of all those challenges, more and more people are moving to natural remedies which are often easier to get, cheaper, and often just as effective.

And that's all great, in theory.

The problem for consumers is that less red tape attracts companies, people and products that are focused on one thing: making money. Venturing over to the natural side means you'll need to do you own homework to be sure that whatever care solution you decide to adopt is at least safe, then hopefully effective.


  • Make sure that you understand all the ingredients and substances that you put in or on your body.
  • Make sure you trust the company that you're purchasing from
  • Make sure that the natural remedy you're going to use is what it's advertised to be

Again, just do your homework.

Natural Remedies: A Good Alternative?

The good news is that natural remedies generally tend to be safer and cause fewer side-effects than current medications.

According to HealthGuidance, natural alternatives are often a better choice than synthetic pharmaceuticals because the former have ingredients that are more in-tune with the natural make-up of the body.

Natural remedies usually don't produce harsh gastrointestinal side-effects or the cognitive impairment often associated with regular pain medication either--especially the ones that come in pill form.

And many natural remedies have been around for thousands of years, so they have proven track records. On the other side, Drugwatch reported the scary idea that many drugs on the market today have been rushed through an approval process without extensive testing or an adequate understanding of potential side-effects.

The Future of Natural Medicine

According to the International Journal of Health Sciences, alternative medicine is gaining acceptance among the mainstream medical community. A number of medical schools now offer courses in the field of alternative medicine. An increasing number of doctors are also accepting the use of complimentary treatments, especially if they are used along with conventional treatments.

On the consumer side, many substances that have quickly grown in popularity in the last several years as people turn to the world of natural. Just for instance, you probably know that arnica is commonly used for its healing ability to ease the pain of muscle soreness, alleviate bruises and helps with sprains. And it's only getting more popular.

Our Place in This Whole Mess

We've seen these trends coming for a while now at The Feel Good Lab. In fact, our lead pharmacist was an early adopter of researching and perfecting the effectiveness of natural substances.

The trends around natural are only getting bigger.

Our customers are smart and only getting smarter as more research on natural comes out. We are all getting smarter. The exciting part is that as our customers learn more, we to do. And the line between people being customers is becoming blurred with idea of being collaborative partners. What I mean by that is every time we get feedback or hear a question it fires us up to find the best way to address it. And the smarter the questions are, the smarter our solutions become. Our product, You+Relief, is a perfect example of that.